Affiliate Terms & Conditions -

Helium SEO Affiliate Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are outlined on the website and relate to all parties involved in the Helium SEO affiliate program. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any given time and it is the responsibility of approved affiliates to abide by these terms and conditions, in order to remain part of the program.

How Are Commissions Calculated?

All initial sales that are a direct result of the affiliate that produce a new client introduction that produces a successful sale, are referred to here, as referral sales.

Commissions are calculated on the final sale amount minus gst and will be awarded as a 10% commission on the initial sale, for the lifetime of the clients recurring sale amount, as long as the affiliate remains with active status. If the affiliate produces no additional sales in the initial 12 month period beyond the initial sale, they lose active status.

Secondary sales from an introduced client or sales that are produced beyond the initial sale will NOT be awarded a commission payment as they are typically the result of the sales initiatives of Helium SEO management staff and not the affiliate.

How Does An Affiliate Maintain Active Status?

An affiliate is awarded Active Status for a 12 month period for each successful sale that is completed and non refunded new business for Helium SEO. For each successful new client sign up and sale, the affiliate will be awarded the same active status for a further 12 months from the date of the closed business.

Lifetime Commissions How Are They Awarded?

Lifetime commissions are paid out to affiliates for the life of the client and to the commission level of 10% as long as the affiliate qualifies with active status. If the affiliate only introduces one client in the 12 month period, and beyond the 12 month period produces no further new client introductions that lead to a sale, the status of the affiliate moves to inactive.

Inactive affiliates are not awarded commissions on sales beyond the initial 12 month period. If the affiliate with inactive status makes a new client introduction that leads to a sale beyond the previous 12 month active status period, commissions are awarded to the affiliate for the new sale and the affiliates status returns to active for a further 12 month period. This however does not return the commissions for the previously unqualified period whilst the affiliate was inactive.

In order for an affiliate to maintain life time commissions for any successful sale for Helium SEO, at least one new sale within the initial 12 month active status period must be achieved. This is designed to reward the efforts of affiliates who are actively promoting Helium SEO for our search engine optimisation services.

When Do These New Terms and Conditions Apply?

The new updated Helium SEO affiliate program terms and conditions apply from 1st April 2015. These terms affect all existing and new affiliates accepted into the program. As a result of past low performance, any affiliates who have not introduced a new client to Helium SEO that has resulted in a successful and completed sale, in the 12 months prior to the 1st April 2015 will be deemed to be inactive and no further commissions shall be paid until the affiliate returns to active status.

How Are Commissions Paid?

Commissions are paid after Helium SEO has received the clients payment and processed the payment through the company bank account. If a payment is made by cheque, then a one week delay from time of payment to the affiliate being awarded payment is usually experienced.