Frequently Asked Questions -

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Long Does It Take To Get Good Results?
  2. Do You Guarantee First Place On Google?
  3. Who Owns The Search Engine Rankings?
  4. If We Are No Longer A Client Of Helium SEO What Happens?
  5. How Much Does It Cost?
  6. Are There Any Long Term Contracts?
  7. Does Helium SEO Do PPC?
  8. How Is Helium SEO Different From Other SEO Companies?

How Long Does It Take To Get Good Results?

How long is a piece of string? It all depends on the keywords and the competition they attract. Keywords that hold a high commercial value and have a strong competitive field of other websites targeting them, are going to be more difficult to take on.

Under such circumstances the time frame could run into years, as the sites that currently rank highly for the keywords have probably been building links on a regular basis for years. A high number of quality back links is what is required and the more competitive the challenge is, the longer the time frame will be. This can be expensive and it requires a lot of patience, sometimes more than most people are prepared to wait.

At Helium SEO, we take great care in doing thorough research on behalf of our clients to ensure that the keyword competition, the commercial value and the speed to achieving quality results are all matched to our cients expectations.

Make no mistake, SEO is a labour intensive task and there are no magic tricks that will deliver long term rankings. Be careful of seo consultants that make it sound too good to be true, as more than likely it will be too good to be true. Patience and understanding are part of the process and if it were easy, everybody would be at the top of Google, and then in reality nobody would be number one.

A good way to see what sort of results we can achieve for you and your website, just visit our Success Stories page or our Case Studies page to see what we have done for others.

Do You Guarantee First Place On Google?

No. Anyone that does is lying to you. There are simply too many constantly evolving variables from the Google algorithm and your competitors SEO activities also have an impact on what we do, so there is no real way of offering a guarantee of a #1 ranking in Google.

We do guarantee that we will do all that we can to help you achieve a #1 ranking, that can be determined by competitive analysis based on the outline of work that we are contracted to do for your website.

It is a simple matter of continually working to achieve a #1 ranking, not giving up and once there, to maintain rankings that produces the best results.

Who Owns The Search Engine Rankings?

Well simply the search engine rankings are owned by the search engines and controlled by their algorithms.

To hold a top position in Google for example may be described by some as “owning a number one ranking” but this will produce competition especially if there is money to be made from being number one. Competitors driven by other SEO strategists are bound to try to take the position from the current rank holder, so it should be seen as a holding “pole position” on the grid based on the site that is working the hardest or smartest.

If We Are No Longer A Client Of Helium SEO What Happens?

As long as you remain a paying customer of Helium SEO, we will work at maintaining the top rankings that we establish for you, or work towards that goal if the journey to the top is a long one.

Search engine rankings are fluid and competition for high commercially valuablekeywords will unquestionably strip your rankings once your seo efforts cease. Left untouched, top rankings will vanish in time. Helium SEO retain ownership of Web 2.0 properties that are created to help rank your website well for your chosen keywords. If a client decides to cease a working relationship with Helium SEO, your rankings may be sold to your nearest competitor. We see this as fair, as we provide our seo value as a service and should payment for that service cease then it is only fair that the service be withdrawn as well.

Naturally if a keyword is not working out for your website then it is perfectly understandable to want to cease any seo work on this keyword, so with Helium SEO your account is very flexible to ensure you get the best possible outcomesfor your business.

How Much Does It Cost?

Some costs are fixed and some costs are dependent upon the degree of difficulty or competition for the chosen keywords.

That being said our services are provided in three different service packs and our prices are listed here.

We also offer fully customised SEO plans where your requirements go beyond our standard SEO plans. Please contact us for more information.

Are There Any Long Term Contracts?

Helium SEO offers a 3 month trial period to determine if the fit is good for both parties. After this probation period, a 12 month contract offering exclusivity is offered to clients that qualify. This ensures that we will provide our first class rankings service to you and not any of your competitors. A great peace of mind. If you prefer our low cost SEO packages, you will not be locked into any long-term contract, as our SEO Self Serve Platform is a month to month service.

Does Helium SEO Do PPC?

Yes. We are a specialist search engine optimisation consultancy. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a separate discipline and expertise that Helium SEO now offers to our SEO Consultancy clients. You can find out more about Helium SEM Services by clicking here.

How Is Helium SEO Different From Other SEO Companies?

Unlike most other SEO companies that provide  professional packages to the industry, Helium SEO is an independant SEO Consultancy run by principal and owner Greg Gillespie. As such we are able to offer you better value than most SEO agencies. When it comes to ranking your chosen keywords, targeting #1 rankings for keywords that drive real high converting traffic to your business, we pride ourselves on our competitive analysis and recommend only high commercially valuable keywords that you can rank for quickly. There is nothing worse than waiting months if not years to dominate a keyword, only to find out it doesn’t convert for your business.

  • First class SEO consultancy
  • Deal direct no middleman
  • Unmatched personal support

We get you to the front quick and lively on keywords that deliver. Although we may get you the traffic you desire, we do not guarantee that you will convert this traffic into customers. That part is up to you and your web master, along with your marketers to do the sales conversion, however we have over 25 years advertising and marketing experience to ensure we understand your target audience. This too is a trend that is against the grain of the brash young seo jockeys that have sprung up to the market call in recent times.

A few years back it seemed everybody was a web designer, nowadays it is seems every Tom, Dick or Harry are claiming the seo expert status. It is a shame that many businesses find out too late that they have been lead up the garden path and wasted precious time and money on either the wrong keywords or had their website banished from the search engine indexes for being the subject of some “black hat” trick.

All of our work is based up the latest search engine algorithms, as here at Helium SEO we pride ourselves on being totally focused and with our fingers on the pulse when it comes to knowing and doing what works, what is acceptable and what used to work but no longer makes up best practice.

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