Search Engine Optimisation Consulting -

Helium SEO provide the following SEO consulting services
Keyword Research
First, we’ll find your most profitable keywords.
Competitive Analysis
Next we find and size up the competition.
On-Page Optimisation
Title tags, keywords, meta tags the works.
Off-Page Optimisation
What we do best: help your site to acquire backlinks.
Improved Rank
Finally where all the hard work pays off.
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Keyword Research

The best SEO in the world is not going to do you a lot of good if the keywords you are trying rank for get little to no traffic.

We use sophisticated software programs to analyze the search landscape to find the best, high traffic yet low competition keywords to rank for.

There is no point in guessing what would be a great keyword, it comes down to what people are using when they go to Google.

Competitive Analysis

Once we have the keywords, we then track down your competitors who are currently ranked at the top of the search results. By discovering your competitors weaknesses, we are able to out rank them with the right link building strategy.

Making careful assessments of the available information, we come up with the best possible blueprint for SEO success. More on competitive analysis reports here.

On-Page Optimisaton

Before embarking upon the link building stage, we need to make sure your landing pages are fully optimised for the keywords you are wanting to rank for. Google Panda now has a quality score formula that it applies to your site. It is vital to know how to improve on this by following the little known, leaked quality score rules. More on on-page optimisation reports here.

We adjust the following:

  1. Title Tags
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. Permalinks
  4. Keyword positioning
  5. Keyword density
  6. Image alt tags
  7. Internal site links
  8. Bring you up to speed with the new on-page rules

Off-Page Optimisation

This is what we do best, link connections or creating backlinks for your website and landing pages. This is the most crucial part of any SEO campaign and forms the cornerstone of ranking success.

Helium SEO will search the Internet for the best high PR websites to get backlink from and create our own fresh content, all with anchor text rich links set at the correct levels. We do this month after month to ensure you have a high volume of high PR backlinks that are all white hat link building strategies that build your rankings. More on link building packages here.

SEO Rank Reports

They say you can’t measure what you don’t track, and each month Helium SEO clients are provided with a rank tracking report for all the keywords in the 3 main search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Reports are delivered by Email, Online and for our premium clients presented in an additional short video by Greg Gillespie. By keeping our finger on the pulse and our link builders on their toes, we are able to demonstrate rank improvements month after month. Premium customers also get the added benefit of video reports, feedback on their visitor analytics and conversion tips from Greg’s 25 year marketing experience feedback.

Rank Improvement

And finally folks, this is what it is all about – Rank Improvement! Here is where all the hard work of analysing, optimising and back link building pays off.

It may take weeks, months or sometimes years to get that #1 ranking in the Google search results but it is worth the wait – especially when you know you have done your homework correctly and have discovered just how much traffic you are now getting from your top placements.

So what are you are you waiting for, get in touch with Greg Gillespie right now, he is here to help you get the results your business deserves.