Initial Reports -

It All Begins With A Plan

Great planning and analysis is what you need to go from zero to hero when it comes to getting all targeted web traffic that is ready to purchase what you are selling. Ranking well on Google
may mean nothing to your bottom line if you are ranking for the wrong keywords.

With over 25 years marketing and advertising experience, Heliumseo brings incredible knowledge and skills to the game of choosing the right, “commercial keywords”. This is made possible only by taking a thorough, well planned intelligence attack on your competitors websites, linking structures and keyword strategies.

Knowing who you are competiting against, what their strengths and importantly their weaknesses are, is what the successful web marketing is all about. Using sophisticated datasets, Helium SEO is able to examine in detail the situation and challenges that your business faces in beating the competition to the top of Google.

On Page Optimization SEO Report

This report analyzes the most fundamental on-page optimization factors that effect your search engine rankings. What is essentially a website audit report will help you to organize your site with recommendations to put you in the best possible position for search engine rankings improvement. It will also show you how to position your website to fully take advantage of link building, social media and other Internet marketing and promotional opportunities.

This will show you the following:

  • How to optimize your internal Link Structure to maximize indexing & rankings
  • The internal barriers which may be hindering page indexing and organic ranking
  • How to get the most out of your search engine listing by making the “Click” irresistabile
  • Ways to improve the user experience and your website’s usability
  • A cross check with the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Suggestions for improving keyword targeting to get the best possible coverage and results.
  • A guideline for establishing best practice standards for any web development plans

Cost of the report: $1,000 incl gst

Competition Analysis Report

This report uncovers your top competitors, their strengths, weaknesses and exploitable opportunities they are missing out on. It is an extensive piece of analysis that will give you the blueprint for greater success by formulating the right map or direction your search engine optimization should take. There is no point in guessing what keywords to go after, spend thousands of dollars
and months even years, only to find out that the keyword did not convert.

Better by far is to take some time and do the research to discover the commercially viable keywords you can rank well for that are going to convert the traffic into buying customers. This report will also identify the opportunities of difficult to conquer keywords and give an estimation on the timeframe of achieving top status. If it is going to be years in some cases we let you know what the total cost is likely to be and whether or not it is commercially viable to pursue such challenges. ROI is the name of the game and any keyword can be conquered eventually but the cost benefit may not be to your best interest, we alert you to these scenarios as well

The following vital competitive intel will be revealed:

  • Top competitors identitfied and profiled
  • The best keywords that have good traffic, commercial value and low competition
  • SEO reporting on their backlinks and linking strategies, that you can emulate and exploit to your advantage
  • Reveal your competitors focus and discover where you can compete on keywords that can be ranked for quickly
  • Uncover your competitors’ weaknesses, offering ways to exploit them to your own advantage
  • Unearth your competition’s social media presence and discover the channels of low competition for you to
    move into
  • Discover the popular content that drives traffic to your competitors and how to use the same approach to explode your own site traffic
  • Find the best methods for building high quality backlinks that will not break the bank

The report consists of written analysis and a short 15 minute video from SEO consultant Greg Gillespie. This is followed up with a 30 minute converstaion to discusss the report and how to implement recommendations.

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Cost of the report: $2,500 incl gst

Initial Reporting Summary

These two reports as outlined formulate the minimum any business should be considering when addressing the issues of search engine optimization. Know yourself and know your enemy or in this case your competitors. They may not be your enemy as such but having them take the business right out from under your nose by being ahead in the search engine stakes can sure make you feel that way towards them at times. Still everybody wants to achieve the same thing, namely the maximum amount of business that the world wide web can provide for their offerings.

Be well informed about the tasks ahead be they rudimentary and straightforward or be they somewhat more challenging, the prize will always go the fiercest competitor who is armed with the right intelligence and firepower for the mission and with the amount of money to be made via the Internet, you can bet on one thing, it is only going to get more challenging as your competition begins to smarten up. So it is very important to be early to act and establish your niche footing as soon as possible. Helium SEO is here to help you rise up and achieve this, so if you are ready to take the vital first steps towards greater Internet success then please get in touch today and we would be happy to discuss the prospects of taking on your business to see if we can be of service to

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