Link Profile Auditing - Recovering From Google Penguin -

Have Your Been Penalised By Google Panda or Penguin?

If you are experiencing a drop in website traffic after a Google update, such Google Penguin, then it may be due to the nature and quantity of links pointing at your website. The way to discover how Google is seeing your site, you may need to do a Link Profile Audit.

The affects of rankings loss can be highly detrimental to the bottom line, so it is imperative to your success online that you get the facts straight when it comes to your link profile that Google places a lot of attention with their all seeing algorithm. You may be feeling despondent about SEO and worried that there is no way back from a rankings penalty.

The first rule to remember is not to panic. Rash decisions can be costly and there is always a way forward that is going to salvage your website and it’s rankings, if you do what you can to demonstrate to Google that you are on their side.

What Helium SEO can do for you, is take the task off your hands, and help you to recover from a Google Penguin penalty. We do this by offering a link removal process and as a last resort helping you with the Google disavow tool.

So what is this going to do for my site if I get bad links removed or disavowed, in recovering from the latest Google Penguin 2.0 update?

If you have been hit by Google Penguin, then it is more than likely that it is because of previous link building efforts that were in the past allowed or approved by Google, which now fall under the definition of a poor quailty or spam link. Your past SEO consultant or firm, should not be blamed in most cases, as in all likelihood it was these very links that had created for you, that Google previously allowed and rewarded you with top rankings, that have now become their target of discredit.

Google love to move the goal posts, so there is no point in blaming past SEO works, as the way forward to change strategies and recover into the post Google Penguin world. The way the Google algorithm works, is by assessing the quality or value of inbound links that point at your website. If it sees too many unnatural looking links, then this can trigger the penalty. It is an automatic cause and result effect that takes place. This is not the workings of an manual review, as there simply are not enough workers at Google to manually review the trillions of web pages in existence. By identifying and removing the offending links, your site has it’s best chance of post-Penguin recovery. For links that can’t be removed due to unco-operative webmasters, the last resort is to use the Google disavow tool. Now here is where we can help with this dauting task that confronts you.

Link Removal and Disavow Services

The first place we start is to do an inbound link profile audit. This is a comprehensive analysis of your website’s link profile that gives you a clear indication of where the links are coming from, and how trusted they are. We identify links that should be removed and or disavowed as the case may dicatate. Once the list has been created, we make efforts to contact the site owners or webmasters requesting that each link they control be removed. If our link removal requests are unsuccessful, then we move these links over to the list for disavow via the Google disavow tool.

Step 1: Conduct an inbound link or backlink audit on your site, to analyze which links are necessary for removal or disavowal.

Step 2: We can attempt to have the links removed on your behalf, otherwise this task is handled by your webmaster. If you wish to use our services for this, the additional fee of $2 per unique domain is applicable for us to attempt to have the links removed.

Step 3: The next step is to gather domain contact information from each website identified. If contact information is available for the identified domain, then we contact the webmaster via email with the link removal request. Any unsuccessful link removal requests are noted and the domains or urls are flagged to be moved to the disavow list.

Step 4: In order to get the attention of webmasters we use a well refined email template that has a proven track record of success. This forms one out reach to the domain in question. If a contact form is available on the website in question, this is used instead of email. Thirty days after the audit list has been created and link removal request attempts recorded as: removed, no response, or not available, we will provide you with the completed spreadsheet report. Due to the nature of how websites are constructed and maintained, we can offer no guarantee that any links will be completely removed. This is up to the cooperation of each individual webmaster, who is the person in control of the inbound links.

Step 5: All failed link removal requests are placed in the disavow recommendation report. This is how we can help you to recover from a Google Penguin penalty, and completes the process for helping you to get your rankings back. Cost of Service:

Link Profile Audit Reporting: $1,000 In order to gain access to your link profile, we need to login to your Google Webmaster Tools, to examine your inbound link profile. This is important as this is the list that Google use for inbound link analysis. This is the only link source that needs to be used, in order to get the link penalty removed.

The Five Step Link Profile Audit Report covers:

1. Your inbound link profile report with completed audit details identifying bad links that are recommended for either removal or disavowal.

2. The report covers the the link removal request contacts and the current status of removed or not. This is useful in your reconsideration request you may have to put to Google in order to lift any remaining penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it necessary to actually request the removal of bad links or can just disavow them? A: This question was put to Matt Cutts, head of the Google Webspam Team, by Danny Sullivan from Search Engineland. “Is it okay to just use the disavow tool without having to request the link be removed first? Matt’s reply was that would not be a good idea. They take a look at the snapshot of links profiled and if they see that there has been no attempts made to remove any links then the reconsideration will be denied. Bottom line here, you need to make an attempt to have these bad links removed, in order to get Google reconsideration of your site.

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Link Profile Audit Reporting: $1,100 inc gst.