Google Update – Over Optimisation Hits Some Sites Hard

Have you suffered a dramatic movement in search results in Google lately? If so you have been affected by the Google Algorithm update, code named “Penguin”. Last year, 2011 was the year of the Panda, this year it is Panda plus Penguin.

Essentially what may have worked for you in the past in creating links to your site through various Google approved means, be it guest blog posting, infographics, contests and competitions, directory listings, link exchanging, blog posting and commenting, video publishing, web 2.0 publishing, press releases – the list goes on – if you have done exactly what Google used to want and did it in such a way as to “over optimise” then you will have suffered the penalty.

What Do I Do If My Ranking Got Slammed?

Firstly rest assured, in most cases you can recover your lost ranking. Our lab work has come up with a proven strategy for ranking well post Panda/Penguin. In many cases what determines an over optimisation is to do with anchor text. Exact match anchor text to be specific. In the past, that was acceptable to have lots of links pointing at your page that used the keyword you wished to rank for, as the underlined part – the words that form the hyperlink – back to your website page, that was optimised for that keyword. As with all things that Google do, they never stay the same, hence the need to have a continual finger on the pulse so to speak, and make sure that what you are doing is in parallel to what they are looking for.

The Google team would actually like it if you didn’t do any SEO or search engine optimisation at all, this was pointed out in their recent public annoucement of the Penguin release. They don’t mind on page optimisation to help their Googlebot find your content but they frown upon anyone trying to “game” the search results. Well unfortunately if you were to do exactly what the Google mantra dictates – “create great content and people will link to you” – then you would quite truly rank for nothing at all. You see the whole idea of people naturally wanting to “link” to you is based upon firstly them finding you. Now how are they going to find your website if it is not ranking in the top 10 search results in Google in the first place? And of course Google will only rank sites that other sites link to. What we have here is the old “chicken and egg” connundrum. NO Links = No Ranking – No One Finds you.

What Can Helium SEO Do To Help Me Rank Better?

Well I am glad you have asked, because our link building strategies have ensured our clients have maintained their rankings and in many cases moved up substantially. If this is not the experience you have found with your current SEO provider or SEO strategy, then it just might be time to speak to someone who can help. Greg Gillespie is the #1 ranked SEO Consultant in Sydney and he is waiting for you to call.