non mobile websites to get penalised ; (

Google have made the unusual announcement recently, on their blog that an algorithm change is about to be released that will penalise websites that provide a poor mobile user experience.

This is not like the Google of the past, as they tend to release an update, rankings change and then release what they have done. No, this time it is entirely different.

Since late 2014 Google have been contacting webmasters via the Google Webmaster Tools messaging portal, with the bad news that their site which fails the mobile responsive test, may be soon to be penalised for non compliance.

If you have received a message like this, then it is high time to get your site ready for the coming changes. To test and see if your site is going to pass the test, here is website link to a free tool, that will give you the heads up on where you stand.

There is a possibility that your site may produce a false positive that is based on other reasons. I have seen a client’s site that is mobile responsive fail the test and the reasons for this are explained inside of the Google Webmasters Tools.

If your site is using a robots.txt to block Google, then you will have to rectify this, before the Mobile Friendly Test can be passed.

Doing a simple test by just visit your website and in the browser viewpoint, change the window size. If your site has a responsive theme, if it has been built on the WordPress platform for example, then you will see the elements on the page rearrange themselves. You should see the main navigation menu alter as well.

The date that that the Mobile SEO-Pocalypse is April 21st 2015. To give you an idea on how this may affect your traffic, you might like to view this blog post on

Mobile Solutions Deadline 21 April

You have two choices basically when it comes to keeping the mobile audience well served.

The first is a responsive theme, if you are using something like WordPress for your website platform.

The second is to have a completely separate website for mobile visitors.

With our first choice the obvious benefits are you only need one website to maintain, which reduces cost and makes management a simpler task. If you were to choose the second alternative, a separate website then you will be able to get this task done a whole lot faster if time is of the essence. Web services that offer a virtual mobile experience with relatively low cost and fast setup time, are sites like offer a subscription service that will essentially create mobile version of your site on the fly.