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In order to maximize your traffic from search it is a good idea to setup properly, an Adwords campaign targeting the traffic that clicks and buys from advertisements. Due to the nature of the way Google are now presenting their ads, a lot of people are unaware that they are clicking on a paid ad. So to take advantage of this traffic, it is a good idea to invest some money into SEM, to supplement your SEO efforts.

Before jumping in and setting up your account yourself, you need to be aware there are many pitfalls, hoops and barricades, to quality high converting traffic from Google’s paid ads. Helium SEO have been providing Adwords management for various clients on request for a few years now, so we thought it time to bring this to the forefront and make this a general offering to our valued clients. We will setup your account correctly so that your add shows to the highest converting traffic that Google can provide. So if you are wanting to supplement your Organic search traffic with some Paid search traffic, then Helium SEO can help you with your Google Adwords account setup and management.

The cost to setup your Google Ad words account with up to 500 keywords targeted, full campaign optimisation for your keywords, adgroups and A/B split test ads is priced from $1,500.

Maintenance costs of your account are as follows:

1. Ad costs from Google are dependent upon the number of clicks and are your responsibility.
2. Ad monitoring ensures positioning for the click and optimized for conversion, priced from $500 per month.

A typical spread of monthly maintenance costs for Adwords Management is between 10% and 15% of your monthly ad budget. Larger accounts are charged at the lower 10% management fee.

If you have an Adwords budget of $3,500 per month or under, then please sign up to our PPC Management service with the PayPal button below.

If you have a need for something customized beyond this typical steup, please call Greg on 0414 619 891 to discuss.

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$1,500 initial costs, $500 pm on going