SEO Competition Analysis Report

SEO Competition Analysis Report

Keyword Research & Competition Analysis Website Report

Before the SEO battle for the top spots in Google can begin, you must start with a proper Keyword Research and Competition Analysis report. In order to know where the clicks are going, you have to understand that all keywords are not created equally when it comes to the amount of traffic they can pull in to your website. Getting this part of SEO wrong can leave you high and dry – a very poor result considering the amount of money a good link building campaign will cost you. This report uncovers your top competitors and their best keywords, their strengths, weaknesses and exploitable opportunities they are missing out on. It is an extensive piece of analysis that will give you the blueprint for greater success by formulating the right map or direction your search engine optimization should take. There is no point in guessing what keywords to go after, spend thousands of dollars and months even years, only to find out that the keyword did not convert. Better by far is to take some time and do the research to discover the commercially viable keywords you can rank well for that are going to convert the traffic into buying customers. This report will also identify the opportunities of difficult to conquer keywords and give an estimation on the timeframe of achieving top status. If it is going to be years in some cases we let you know what the total cost is likely to be and whether or not it is commercially viable to pursue such challenges. ROI is the name of the game and any keyword can be conquered eventually but the cost benefit may not be to your best interest, we alert you to these scenarios as well.

What This Report Covers

This report also covers a basic code examination and is recommended for new websites or sites that are going through a site makeover or refurbishment. For older websites, it is highly recommended to purchase the separate Website Audit report to discover any redundant code errors that could be causing Google Panda penalties and or issues. The following vital competitive intel will be revealed: [list style=”disc”]
  • Top competitors identified and their SEO profiles revealde
  • Discover the best keywords that have good traffic, commercial value and low competition
  • SEO reporting on their backlinks and linking strategies, that you can emulate
  • Uncover your competitors’ weaknesses, offering ways to exploit them to your own advantage
  • Discover the popular content that drives traffic to your competitors websites
  • Find the best methods for building high quality backlinks that will not break the bank
  • Examine your site code for best practices for on-site SEO
[/list] The report consists of written analysis and a 45 minute video from SEO consultant Greg Gillespie. This is followed up with a 30 minute conversation to discuss the report and how to implement recommendations. To order this report now, please click the button below.

Cost of the report: $3,300 inc gst