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SEO For The Small Business Owner

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  1. You have a small business with a turnover of up to $500k and you are in need of highly effective SEO to rank the top placements in Google.
  2. You demand a service that is affordable and actually works.
  3. You are prepared to learn how to do on-site SEO by following our tutorial videos.

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Video Tutorials - I Want To Learn To Do On Page SEO To Save Money

If this sounds like the SEO solution that you are looking for, then we have some good news. Due to popular demand in the affordability stakes, Helium SEO have decided to provide a wholesale costed SEO service that has all the ranking firepower of our SEO consulting solutions but without the hefty price tag.In order to cut costs, our direct consultation involvement is absent from this service offering. We do however provide easy to follow, step-by-step video tutorials for the following research and on-site seo:

  • How To Do Effective Keyword Research To Uncover The Highest Profit Keywords
  • How To Size Up The Competition & Set Realistic Time-Frame Estimations
  • How To Do On-Site or On-Page SEO To Demonstrate Laser Focus To Search Engines and Visitors

SEO Link Building Service - That is Guaranteed

Please note that this wholesale service is tied in with the SEO industry in USA, we buy and sell in USD and use PayPal exclusively for payments. In order to keep the cost down and make this an affordable service, we do not provide any other payment methods. PayPal do however accept Credit Card payments. is based in the United States and serviced by our support team in the USA.

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