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At Helium our capabilities are well polished in the design, development and
marketing of websites. With every website project there comes a need to find
the right hosting solution. The last thing you need is a host to let you down.
Our professional staff can help you navigate to the right hosting provider
so you avoid the pitfalls that sometimes don’t surface until you are midstream
in a mission critical phase of your operations and server meltdown would mean
financial disaster. Thankfully, this doesn’t need to be your predicament when
you put your project in the hands of professionals that have over 12 years
experience in hosting in Australia and from offshore locations.

Whether you need to register a domain name, or hook up an entire backend system
to feed a fully fledged ecommerce transactional based website, Helium is here
to help.

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Business Website Hosting Plan

$29.95 per month