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More The Merrier – Group Booking Website

“We tried another SEO company before Helium SEO and came unstuck with a Google Algorithm change, so we decided to give Greg at Helium a go to see if they could get back some of our lost traffic.

“It has been about six months now and we have over 6,000 visitors to our site each month and this has been achieved with some top rankings that Helium have been able to get for us.

“We have several #1 rankings and we are very pleased with the results.

“Would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get better results in Google”.

Mr Chris Dair
Managing Director
More The Merrier – MoreTheMerrier.com.au

Glicks Furniture – Replica Furniture Sydney

“We were looking for an SEO company that could deliver us cheaper traffic, as we were fully dependent upon Google Adwords which was costing a small fortune each month. After a terribly disappointing experience with a large SEO company from Sydney, who nearly wiped out my business with an incorrect strategy, we were very warying of trusting another SEO company with our business.

“When we first met Greg Gillespie from Helium, he made some substantial promises to us and I have to say he has delivered the goods.

“Our organic website visitors have risen an amazing 63% since hiring Helium a little over 4 months ago. This translates into about 6,000 more potential customers hitting on my website each month, compared to before we started.

“I would have to say we are very pleased with the results and I am sure we will continue if this is the type of service Helium can

“Helium SEO have increased our business – exactly what they said they would do”.

Mr Oren Glick
Managing Director
Glicks Furniture Sydney

Platinum Automotive – European Car Specialist

“We went looking for an independent seo consultant as we figured someone who was the proprietor of their small business would be doing a better job than what we had experienced to date. We knew very little about seo and the last two seo companies had essentially done nothing for us. Totally peeved at having such a disappointment not once but twice, we felt that we could not trust an seo agency again. Finding Greg listed at the number one spot on google, was our first joy as it appeared he knew how to get himself to the top, so we figured it would be feasible that he just might be able to do the same for us.

“Well after a refreshing meeting with Helium’s founder and seo consultant Greg Gillespie, we commissioned him on the spot to take over the promotion of our many websites. Not only did he get us back to the top of google in record time, the phone calls began again. And with his advice on putting customer video testimonials on our website, we have noticed that the enquirers don’t ask “how much” before booking in their car for a service. This never happened before, so the reassurance potential customers have before they ring must be to do with the honest opinions given on video by our satisfied customers.

“Helium SEO five star service”.

Mr Brad Lawless
Managing Director
Platinum Automotive

Hostelzoo.com – Hostel Comparison Website

“When we started interviewing seo companies, we were surprised at the variation in costs from the different companies. Helium SEO who came up #1 when we searched, were the best priced SEO consultants we came across and they gave us realistic timelines to achieve the results that they said were doable.

“It was about 6 weeks to #1 for the keyword – compare hostels. And that is where we are ranked today, post Google Panda/Penguin algo updates, very happy.

“Helium SEO they did exactly what they said they would do”.

Mr Scott Ryan
Managing Director

San Francisco Dentist


“HeliumSEO has done what no other SEO has been able to do.

“We just signed up with Heliumseo and already have seen great results. How about No.1 on Google searches? !
The time committed to our benefit has been more than contractual. Greg, the founder of Helium SEO, has taken a personal interest in our success. He has helped us in every step of the development of our new website, offeriing his knowledge and expertise on all the details.

“I really cannot imagine doing all of this without Helium SEO. And I look forward to sharing an update as we take over our local market”.

San Francisco

review: 5 stars Happycustomers.com.au

Travel Agency

“We were after a very highly competitive keyword, vacation rental sunset beach hawaii, for one of our holiday homes in Hawaii. I think we were on page 13 of Google.com when the guys from Helium seo began their work for us. Clearly we had no traffic or booking enquiries coming from the sunsetbeachoasis.com website and needed to improve upon this.

We watched our site rise to the front page very carefully with the monthly reports that kept us in the loop.

I have had booking enquiries for the first time from my website being listed on the front page of Google for this very competitive keyword. With just one successful booking paying for the year’s work I am very glad to have chosen HeliumSEO to get me to the top of Google.

Thoroughly recommend these guys to get the job done by driving qualified leads to your website, very professional”.

William Kernot
Managing Director
Sunset Oasis LLC

SEO Expert With Excellent Customer Service

Helium is the best SEO company I have ever worked with! Thanks to Helium, our company’s website has number one placement with competitive keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Greg and his team of specialists are the only ones who have been able to deliver what they promised, to have a top ranking website with optimum exposure!

Greg is the ultimate authority when it comes to marketing our website. He provides excellent customer service and answers all our pressing questions with honesty and sincerity. From the beginning, our company’s website presented several challenges. With Greg’s expertise and sheer determinations, he was able to overcome the most difficult obstacles. We were pleasantly surprised and overjoyed when our website ranked number one, on all major search engines and best of all stayed on top!

After achieving what seems to be the impossible, Helium continues to maintain our website with professionalism and enthusiasm. Greg is eager to see to it that our practice thrives and continues to do well on all aspects. His proficient advice and genuine concern are what set his company apart from all the others. Believe me, I’ve worked with enough SEO companies who butchered our website than I care to admit. Even though Helium is located in Australia, and we are in the US, Greg is always accessible and manages to stay on top of all issues. I highly recommend Helium if you are serious about wanting your business to succeed.

Irene Kyoto
San Francisco

review: 5 stars Happycustomers.com.au

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