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The number one form of sales-driving traffic, hands down comes from the search engines and in particular Google. We’ll help you to rise up to the top of the search results.

And that’s how you get Helium SEO. Simple.


why work with us

With over 12 years in the Google trenches, and 20 plus years marketing wisdom, Greg Gillespie offers a level of success that few can match. Period.

By keeping everyone in the loop, and maintaining complete transparency about what we do and why we do it, this allows for an open canvas approach that is both refreshing and effective.

For too long many an SEO client has been kept in the dark and at times have not had the foggiest of an idea, about what goes into an SEO campaign. Here is where Helium SEO is different from the rest.

Delivering results that you can count on, by producing effective revenue-driving outcomes on demand.

That is what we are famous for and it’s what keeps our clients coming back from more. And did I mention, “No Lock-in Contracts”? That’s right, clients choose to work with us long term and not forced to under some 12 month contract (like many of the big SEO agency scammers), but purely on the long term results that lead to market dominance.

Success Startup

SEO Starter starting from
$ 697 monthly
  • 10 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Site Optimisation (Low)
  • Monthly Rank & Traffic Reporting
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support
  • Ideal SEO for : Local Business
  • Monthly Contract - Cancel Anytime

Business Accelerator

Boost Your Bottom Line starting from
$ 1297 monthly
  • 20 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Site Optimisation (Medium)
  • Content Recommendations
  • Monthly Rank & Traffic Reporting
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support
  • Ideal SEO for : City/Regional Business
  • Monthly Contract - Cancel Anytime

Enterprise Dominator

Competition Crushing starting from
$ 1987 monthly
  • 30 Keywords
  • On-Page Optimisation
  • Off-Site Optimisation (High)
  • Content & Conversion Recommendations
  • Monthly Rank & Traffic Reporting
  • Phone, Chat & Email Support
  • Ideal SEO for : Nationwide Business
  • Monthly Contract - Cancel Anytime

SEO - Organic Traffic

We carefully analyse and customise your SEO to drive top results.

Search engine optimisation is what we do best. We have been doing it for over 13 years now and our strategies have been refined by over 25 Google algorithm changes, establishing ourselves as one of Sydney’s top SEO companies in the process.

Effective strategies start and finish by keeping Google’s requirements front and center. By adhering to their guidelines, our SEO is effective in the short, medium, and long term.

We formulate a tailored strategy that is data-driven from the outset. Employing industry best practices ensures our years of experience working with a broad range of clients is effective in delivering your desired outcomes.

Careful analysis of the data provides us with a platform for your SEO success. By identifying the opportunities that are ripe for the picking, prioritising the urgent from the important, this enables us to create realistic time-frames for your success.

SEM - paid traffic

Whether supplementing your organic traffic or getting to the market early, paid traffic when handled correctly, is the fastest way to landing new customers.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is the process of utilising the paid traffic opportunities that Google, in particular can provide to your business in the early stages of your search presence.

Having tight, and effective targeted search ads queued up to tackle market demand and drive in fresh, hot prospects is the way to ensure success in this area of the landscape.

Tailoring your ad campaigns with the right keywords, setup to only be clicked by the hottest prospects takes great skill and knowledge. This is where our decades long experience in the fields of advertising and marketing come into play, separating us from the rest of the digital cowboys out there.

We make sure your budget is spent efficiently and effectively, ensuring the best and fastest way to building your online success, as we build your long term “free” organic traffic through our solid SEO principles.

When done together, it is a match made in online heaven.

Pure and simple.

Contact Us for a custom quotation for Google Ads.

Content Writing - Blog Posting

Blog posting, content marketing - all requirements for attracting the right type of audience. Google demands it - we help you deliver it.

The rules of engagement have changed – Google’s HCU – (helpful content update) has created a thirst for knowledge that the search results are demanding.

Regular, helpful content is now a requirement for boosting site traffic to the top level.

We tailor the “right” content with artificial intelligence that draws up the the most commonly sort out and searched keyword terms. Coupling this will advanced content writing that the search engines love, is the ONLY way to tap into these new traffic streams.

If you are not competing in the “content marketing” stakes, you are missing an enormous audience interested in your products, services and helpful information.

We have packages to suit all business sizes, with costs starting at around a thousand dollars a month there has never been a better more affordable time to get some of the traffic action, you have probably been missing out on for years.

Contact Us for a custom  content writing and blog posting quotation.

Our process

01. Discover

All projects begin through a process of discovery.

What is the market searching for and how well is your content addressing these demands? Without knowing this, you are flying blind.

Once opportunities are outlined, we move to build an effective strategy strongly focused on return.

02. Strategise

No two situations are the same. We carefully craft a bespoke marketing plan, that seizes the discovered opportunities.

Website content is analysed and matched to discovered keyword-focused search terms.

We analyse your website’s backlinks and understand your site’s authority.

03. Implement

The first stage of implementation involves any site technical or content changes. We ensure your site is meeting algorithmic demands and your landing pages match the keywords you are targeting.

Next, our team of link builders begins the process of link building, employing our unique process of link curation and content out-reach.

04. Optimise

We report on your site’s keyword rankings and organic search volumes for all your relevant keywords.

Through a process of refinement, we optimise your site’s full potential, while keeping track of overall site metrics.

User engagement, visitor volumes, goal completions, and revenue – all important aspects with your ROI in mind.

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