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Case Study 1:Dr Castaneda – Journey to #1 on Google

“Watch this video to see how sometimes it takes nerves of steel to hunt down a keyword with massive competition and 250 potential web visitors per day, and stick with it to reach #1 on Google”.

UPDATE 20 July 2012: This client decided to stop their SEO for this keyword and has subsequently lost their ranking. I am leaving this case study up purely for the exercise so that people can get a realistic idea on how long difficult keywords take to rank #1 in Google.

To begin with we carried out extensive research that covered hundreds of keywords and dozens of top ranking competitors in the three main search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We identified the top keyword that represented solid commercial intent for her business and assessed the journey to the #1 spot on Google. As with all my clients I offer a 3 month trial to make sure we are both comfortable with the process and outcomes. If at any point after those 3 months either party wishes to end for whatever reason there is that exit point. I must say with the keyword chosen as the most important for Dr Castaneda being “san francisco dentist” – top ranking site in getting 250 website visits per day ref. Market Samurai, was smack bang in the middle of redeveloping their website and the challenges that this through up to both teams was very difficult and everyone was quite nervous as the top results were just not coming together as fast as would have been hoped.

how to get number one on google

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Needless to say, with nerves of steel and a rock solid determination to conquer that top position in the three major search engines, we kept going. Too often I see people run out of patience and figure that whatever my SEO company is doing (and for all that money they are charging me) and it’s time for a change. The SEO industry does have somewhat of a reputation wild west style cowboys ruling the range and lassoing the unsuspecting settlers but by and large the cowboys are getting weeded out by people who know what they are doing getting the repeat business.

Anyway I will rant and rave no longer, simply watch the above video to get a visual on how long it can take to achieve a top ranking in Google Yahoo and Bing for a majorly competitive keyword. Seeing for yourself what HeliumSEO has been able to do (under quite difficult circumstances – website redevelopment) you can get an idea exactly how I can help you in your business do likewise. Get to the top on the best keywords for your industry and cash in on the free search engine traffic that rightly belongs to those who have followed the rules and done exactly what Google has wanted them to do. No black hat here, just following the guidelines and doing better than everyone else.

So watch the video and when you are ready to make a charge for the top, get in contact and I will see if I can fit you into one of my available opportunities. Being an independent, freelance seo consultant working in Sydney, I have clients around the globe, who I look after with passionate care. I can’t take on everyone who approaches me, there is not simply enough time in my day or resources available but when the match is right I and the rest of the HeliumSEO team are ready to help you do what we have done for satisfied clients like Dr Rebecca Castaneda of San Francisco.

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